TCE International School Guiding Statements


TCE International School’s education to enable all students to achieve their full potential.


TCE International School provides an international education in a safe, nurturing environment. The school develops students holistically, to become independent, active, self-motivated learners. Our students will become responsible citizens who are internationally minded, critical thinkers, effective communicators and academically successful.

TCE International School-wide Learner Outcomes

We aim for our students to be:

Effective Communicators

Who can:

  • communicate clearly and confidently in more than one language
  • share ideas in a variety of different ways
  • collaborate effectively whilst respecting different points of view

Responsible Citizens

Who can:

  • look after their physical, mental and social well-being
  • act with integrity, honesty and compassion
  • make positive contributions to their communities and environment
  • manage their time to ensure that they have a balanced and purposeful life

Critical Thinkers

Who can:

  • actively question and reflect on their own understanding
  • think beyond the obvious
  • evaluate the reliability of information
  • use a variety of strategies to solve problems and make informed decisions

Academically Successful

So that they:

  • develop their full potential in all aspects of school life
  • are enthusiastic, inquisitive and independent learners
  • develop resilience and adaptability to be successful in their learning
  • graduate with internationally recognized qualifications which enable them to attend universities around the world

Internationally Minded

So that they are citizens of the world who:

  • accept and embrace diversity
  • understand the complexity of local and global issues
  • take an active interest in world events and ways in which they can make a positive contribution.
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